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Consultations On Parenting


Psychological Preparation for Parenthood


Hold childhood in reverence, and do not be in any hurry to judge it for good or ill… Give nature time to work before you take over her business, lest you interfere with her dealings… Childhood is the sleep of reason.– Rousseau


I am keenly interested in all aspects of child development and child psychology. However, I believe that emotional and behavioural change can be best facilitated in children by working with their parents, rather than with the child directly. In my experience, progress tends to be very slow when a therapist sees a child (under the age of 12) for one hour per week. However, when I use that consultation hour to help the parents learn new parenting strategies - which they in turn take home and apply to their children daily -  progress is often noted much sooner. I therefore often work with parents by helping them to understand and acquire the skills necessary to facilitate behaviour change and the best overall outcomes for their children.  


That is to say that helping younger children to navigate through their difficulties by coaching their parents often ends up being a far less expensive, far more rewarding and lasting solution to family difficulties. 

Depending on the age of the child and the situation at hand, I may involve the child in the assessment period - for instance, asking to watch mom/dad and child play a game or complete a task. In some instances, I may also recommend that the child attend individual Play Therapy or a specific assessment with another clinician, while I consult with mom/dad to best support the end-goals of therapy.


With regard to children, I often consult on the following matters:

  • How to manage a child's fears and anxieties 

  • Behaviour modification in children. Helping children to acquire pro-social skills and desist in problematic behaviours or habits 

  • How to best support your child during a divorce or other family transition

  • Constructive discipline and boundary setting 

  • Facilitating emotional well being and healthy psychological adjustment






Psychological Preparation For Parenthood



“Recent evidence suggests that pregnancy is a normal developmental period requiring psychological adaptation by the new parents. This period involves upheavals in emotions, relationships, values and roles which demand considerable attention.” - Tudiver & Tudiver, Canadian Family Physician Journal


Studies have shown that unsuccessful resolution of these upheavals has been associated with postpartum depression, marital discord, divorce, and a multitude of negative child and family outcomes. 


It is the aim of antenatal classes to prepare expectant parents for childbirth and the physical care of the newborn. As a Clinical Psychologist, it is my intention to enrich the antenatal preparation by sharing deeply valuable psychological insights and explanations to help new parents prepare for the major life and relationship changes coming their way. Armed with this knowledge, parents should experience more pleasure and less stress in the first few months of parenthood.

I facilitate an informative evening talk on the Psychological Preparation for Parenthood for new and expectant parents.

Topics covered include: 

  • The common relationship challenges faced by couples during pregnancy & early child rearing.  

  • The truth about sex after baby.

  • How to help your child develop an emotionally secure / psychologically healthy foundation.

  • Expert tips to help you to not only survive, but also thrive in the first months - and even years - of parenthood.

  • And much more…

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